Get Book Recommendations from Novelist Plus!

Are you looking for what to read next? Need some suggestions based on your favorite books, authors, or series? Novelist Plus has you covered!

NoveList connects readers to their next book by making recommendations for what to read next. It covers non-fiction and fiction as well as book suggestions for readers of all ages, from young picture book lovers to adults in the mood for an intense historical fiction title.

One of the most popular features is read-alikes. If you have ever read a book and wanted to find another just like it, NoveList makes it a breeze to find your next great read. In addition, recommended reading and award-winning book lists are available in NoveList. It also has extra content like reviews (both professional and reader reviews), book discussion guides, curriculum guides, and other book-oriented articles.

NoveList will become your one-stop shop for all of your reading needs and wants!

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