online workshops for JOB SEEKERS – PA CareerLink Chester County

PA CareerLink Chester County is currently offering a number of different workshop opportunities to Job Seekers online through Canvas.
Current workshop opportunities available include:
Crafting a Marketable Resume:
This workshop is designed to give you all the tips and strategies that you would need to design a resume that represents you at your very best. Whether you have never created one before or you are looking to update, this workshop can help.
Creating an Effective Cover Letter:
This workshop will explain how employers use cover letters in the hiring process, share best practices, and identify cover letter writing errors to avoid.
Interviewing Workshop Series:
The Interviewing Workshop Series includes Interviewing Basics, The S. T. A. R. Method, and Panel Interviewing. These workshops are designed to prepare you for your next job interview. Craft your 30 second elevator speech and learn how to conduct targeted research to prepare for interviews. Whether you have been on a job interview recently, or are going on your first job interview, these workshops will help you to prepare.
If you have an interest in any of these workshops, please contact Graham Desmond directly at (610) 280-1031 or

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