100 years ago in the Philadelphia Inquirer

The front page of the April 2, 1920 Philadelphia Inquirer reports that a Milford man, missing for 30 years, has returned “From Foreign Lands, Wealthy.” Inside, the “Housewife’s Economy Calendar” column offers advice on how to sew a blouse.

In the ads, Easter hats were $1.89 and men’s ties were $1.00.

And in the business section, American Can was trading at $48 a share.

Through our Philadelphia Inquirer Collection with Historical database, this and past issues of the Philadelphia Inquirer are available to view with your library card. We have scanned copies of the complete issues from 1829-1922 and January 2018 to current, including advertisements, classified, obituaries, etc.  Search the entire issue or current page; export features include citation format, print, e-mail, and download. Read full text of articles from 1981-current.

Sign in here with your library card and explore the news from the past!


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