Backyard bird watching

As the temperatures warm and you spend more time outdoors in your yard or
walking the neighborhood, you may be more acutely aware of the birdsongs in the air as spring gets into full swing. If you have the time, this may be a great opportunity to begin identifying some of the birds creating these beautiful (or possibly annoying) sounds.

There are several free apps available for either iOS or Android phones that can help you in this endeavor.  Two of the more reputable ones are the Merlin Bird ID app (created by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology) and the Audubon Bird Guide app (from the National Audubon Society).  Learn which birds are most common in your neighborhood at this time of year, look at their photos, listen to their different songs and cries, and find out more about their migration and nesting habits.

Slowing down our pace of life can certainly open up whole new worlds to explore in nature, and free apps like these can help you take the first steps.  Happy Birding!

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