At-Home Yoga

Feeling stressed out? Stuck in a rut? Looking for ways to keep active and get your body moving in the comfort of your home? With a range of videos from guided meditations to advanced yoga sequences, Yoga with Adriene offers something for everyone, regardless of their level of experience! Now is a great time to begin your yoga practice or strengthen the foundation you may have already developed with Adriene’s easy-to-follow video collection. Make time for yourself to practice mindfulness, mental balance, and to get in touch with your body.   Check one of these recommended videos to get connected with your mind and body:

Yoga for Change and Drain

Meditation for Anxiety

Yoga for Beginners

Sunrise Yoga

Yoga for Transitions

Gentle, Relaxing, Cozy Flow

Meditation for Mental Balance and Grounding

Yoga for Seniors

Yoga for Nurses

Yoga for Manual Labor

Yoga for Loneliness

Yoga for Bedtime

Yoga for Stress Relief

Also Yoga eBooks on OverDrive.

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