Kids’ Update: Chess for Everyone

Are you missing Chess Club? This is your chance to develop your skills! Work on your game at Chess Kid – How to Play Chess or Kid Chess – Let’s Play Some Chess. By the time Chess Club starts up again, you’ll be so good Coach Jack and Coach Ed will be amazed!

Chess, like roller skating, takes lots of practice if you want to improve. See what else Sebastian learns to do in Sebastian’s Roller Skates.

The Youth Services Staff at the Chester County Library and Hankin Branch are presenting Virtual Storytimes beginning April 27th. They will be for three different ages groups — 0 to 2 Year Olds, 3 & 4 Year Olds, and 5 & 6 Year Olds. Registration is required via the Events Calendar at Virtual Storytimes are not registered as multi-week sessions; you will need to register for each storytime individually.

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