Find a Good Book to Read (Part 2 of 3): Title Read-alikes

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Have a favorite book? Wishing you could find something like it to read next?

Here are a few ways to find find new books to try, based on a favorite book title:

NoveList Plus: You can start your search for title read-alikes here! Access NoveList Plus through the Library by visiting, selecting “Tools and Research” from the ribbon of choices at the top of the page, selecting “All CCLS Databases,” and then NoveList Plus. Enter your library card number when prompted.

Once you’re in NoveList Plus, use the search box at the top of the screen to search by title (hover over “Keyword” to select “Title”). Enter the name of a favorite title, select “Search,” and you’re on your way! From the main page for your book, you’ll find:

  • A list of “Read-Alikes” (other titles you might enjoy) on the right-hand side of the page. Select “View All” to see the complete list, along with reasons why NoveList Plus thinks you might like those titles.
  • “Lists and Articles” related to your book, to connect you with even more reading ideas.
  • A “Search For More” option (towards the bottom of the page) that lets you create a customized search for more title ideas, based on criteria you select.

Want to know more about a title that NoveList Plus suggests? Search for your new title idea in NoveList Plus, and then scroll down that title’s page to read professional reviews and more.

Here’s a brief video from NoveList for a helpful recap of how to find both Title and Author Read-alikes.

In addition to NoveList Plus, many libraries publish their own read-alikes on their websites, and no two lists are likely to be the same! Here are examples of the types of Google searches that can help you find more lists to peruse.

In these search examples, the titles are in quotes so that they’re searched as a complete phrase:

“Where the Crawdads Sing” library read-alikes

“A Gentleman in Moscow” library read-alikes

In this example, the author is included since the title is short, and may not be unique:

Outlander Gabaldon library read-alikes

Happy exploring! Earlier this week we discussed finding Author Read-alikes; stay tuned for more on finding reading ideas by book genre.

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  1. This is great! Thank you again. I’ve really enjoyed using this feature of novelist, and I wouldn’t have known about it without your email. Joan Swirsky Sent from my iPhone



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