Parfait au chocolat

While the oldest recipe named “parfait” was published in an 1869 French cookbook (it was coffee flavored), the chocolate parfait was created in 1894 in France.  Parfait literally means perfect in French!  There are a couple of ways to make parfaits. The traditional French-style uses sugar syrup, eggs, and cream. The American style layers parfait cream, ice cream, and flavored gelatin in a tall, clear glass topped with whipped cream, fruit and liqueurs. The parfait has recently taken a healthier approach using yogurt layered with nuts and fresh fruits, instead of ice cream and sugary syrups.

Today is all about the chocolate parfait because it’s National Chocolate Parfait Day!  That doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with other flavors. Fruit and cream go quite well with chocolate as well as crunchy favorites like pretzels or cookie bits. A delicious chocolate parfait would be a perfect way to end (or start) your day. Try this versatile recipe at home today.

Read some chocolate mysteries while you indulge in your chocolate desert:

Chocolate Cream Pie            The chocolate thief

Also learn French !

Mango Languages User Guide

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