Pet Food and Veterinary Help for Seniors

Animal Care PA is offering help for seniors who do not have money to pay for pet food or veterinary bills.

Henry’s Helping Paws program provides food to the pets of senior citizens so the pets and their owners to stay together. This program was launched in March of 2016 in a partnership with Meals on Wheels in Chester County.

This program is currently in 3 locations:

To apply for food for your pet, click here.

“TLC” stands for The Last Chance program, as well as “tender loving care,” because that is what we strive to offer for animals who may not get any care at all without the fund. The Pennsylvania Veterinary Foundation (PVF) established our The Last Chance (TLC) program in 2009 to help ensure a source of funding for the care of abused or neglected, owned and unowned companion animals that might otherwise be euthanized or turned over to an animal shelter that is already overburdened.

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