Chester County Food Bank Produce Donations

The Chester County Food Bank will accept produce donations beginning next week on Tuesday 5/26. They will accept produce donations from HOME GROWERS Monday and Wednesday 10-12 PM and Raised Bed Garden PARTNERS on Tuesday and Thursday 10-12PM. Gardeners can pull up to the side of the building where you will see a station set up with a produce scale and donation slips to fill out. There will be a pallet with crates for the produce to be placed into. After placing the produce in the crates, the gardener will ring the bell that is set up near the stairs and then return to their vehicle. A staff member will respond to the bell and bring the produce in immediately. 

*In the case of severe weather, the drop-off station will be moved directly inside of the warehouse door.

When donating to CCFB bagging in bulk is preferred – organized by crop. Do not mix muddy roots with leafy greens. Do not seal bags completely, leave them slightly opened to allow respiration/moisture to escape. Large clear bags or produce bags can be provided by CCFB.

When donating directly to food cupboards bag produce in household sized portions in produce bags. 

Please review our recommendations for best practices for harvesting and donating produce

  • Do not harvest while sick.
  • Wash hands thoroughly and wear glovesUse clean tools and containers
  • Only donate quality produce you would enjoy eating yourself.
  • Agencies reserve the right to decline your donation if it does not meet their standards of quality. For example: bolted, excessively muddy, or inedible.

Here are agencies that will also accept produce donations:

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