Let’s flatten the infodemic curve

(Image courtesy of World Health Organization)

Misinformation is harmful to everyone. Let’s do our part to flatten the infodemic curve. Here are some fun and educational ways to work on your information literacy:

1. Should you share it? Take the quiz from the News Literacy Project here: https://newslit.org/news-literacy-week/

2. Spot the Troll! Can you tell the difference between a real social media user and a fake one? Test your knowledge here: https://spotthetroll.org/

3. Go Viral! This game puts you in the head of a social media manipulator and teaches you how to protect yourself from misinformation in the process: https://www.goviralgame.com/en

4. Resources from the WHO on navigating the infodemic: https://www.who.int/…/let-s-flatten-the-infodemic-curve

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