Lundale Farm – A Legacy for the Future

Join the Chester County Ag Council and Lundale Farm in a discussion on the future of farming. Lundale Farm, a nonprofit organization with 520 acres under preservation, seeks not only to preserve land, but also to empower for-profit farmers in regenerative farming practices that benefit the region’s environment, economy, agricultural heritage, health, education and nutrition. An extension of the Farm’s founding legacy, it serves as a model for local food production and forest stewardship on preserved property, enhancing learning as well as the ecology, health, and diversity of the community. Partnering with each of the nine farmers, the Farm strives to provide educational opportunities for youth, college students studying sustainable agriculture, and the community through our farm tours.

Now in its fourth year, the Forestry Committee of Lundale Farm is actively working to implement the Sustainable Forestry Management Plan. Learn about our sustainable forestry management plan, and the research and experiences that are guiding the farm’s forested areas into the future.

Registration is required. Registration will close 2 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the event. A Zoom link will be emailed to registrants 2 hours before the program starts. Make sure to check the email address you registered with to receive the link. You do not need a Zoom account to attend the virtual program.

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