October Staff Picks

Eric’s Picks

Trick ‘R’ Treat

There is no movie that embodies the spirit of Halloween more than Mike Dougherty’s 2007 cult-classic Trick ‘R’ Treat. For lovers of the holiday, the film feels like a giant amalgamation of all the different aspects of Halloween that give us those nostalgic, warm and fuzzy feelings. Well, maybe more cold and bloody, than warm and fuzzy, but nonetheless Trick ‘R’ Treat is an anthology film that remains an assorted candy bag with something for every horror fan. Monsters, serial killers, ghosts, zombies? This movie has got them all and more! While there are many contenders, no horror movie will get you in the mood for the holiday more than Trick ‘R’ Treat!

(P.S. This movie made it to #2 of our 31 days of Horror films. To find out the other 30 films that made the cut, check out this month’s Blog Post at the link below)

Chester County Library’s Horror Movie Watch-a-thon

The leaves have changed their colors, the air is crisp, and every item in the grocery store aisle is now available in pumpkin flavor. If you’re like me, you can’t wait for Autumn to arrive. It means you can finally ditch your swim suit for those comfy fall sweaters and flannels; it means warming up […]
OCTOBER 1, 2022

Misery/ Stephen King

From master of horror, Stephen King, comes Misery; a story that unfortunately remains relevant as ever as it speaks to the very WORST side of fandom possible. This audiobook, takes King’s scariest book and truly places you in the point-of view of its protagonist Paul Sheldon. Thanks to some incredible voice acting work from Lindsay Crouse, you will absolutely lose yourself in the story and feel as though it is you being held prisoner by Annie Wilkes. This is one of my favorite audiobooks I have ever listened to as it creates one of the most intimately frightening experience a listener could experience.

Felicia’s Picks

The Haunting of Hill House

While it’s more inspired by Shirley Jackson classic book than it is a pure adaptation, the Haunting of Hill House is a great haunted house series following the Crane family and their coping with grief. 

Dead Man’s Party/ Oingo Boingo

A great album for the spooky season!

Kim’s Picks

Homecoming / Cynthia Voigt  

Award-winning Young Adult author Voight initiates the “Tillerman Cycle” with an exciting modern-day adventure that takes 13-year-old Dicey and her three siblings from Connecticut to Maryland’s Eastern Shore—on foot.  Abandoned by their mentally unstable mother, they seek a new home with a grandmother they’ve never met.  How would you undertake a 338-mile trek with no money and little protection from the elements or people of dubious character?   

Planet California

Beautifully photographed PBS documentary surveying the varied environments composing our most populous state:  Pacific Ocean and the restoration of coral reefs, whales and sea lions; Yosemite National Park; the redwoods; rivers; and increasing population of elk in protected areas. 

Jessie’s Picks

I Married a Witch

If you would rather watch a screwball comedy instead of a horror movie around Halloween, then this movie is a good pick! Veronica Lake plays a witch that falls in love with a descendant of a puritan that she cursed centuries earlier.

A Magic Steeped in Poison

Carolyn Kang does a good job narrating this fantasy set in China.  Ning competes in a magical tea competition to try and get a cure for her poisoned sister.  Court intrigue makes it hard for her to know who, if anyone, she can trust.

By Eric

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