Read these home fix-up magazines on Flipster with your library card

Are you getting ready to start some home improvement projects? Check out these home fix-up magazines on Flipster.

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Bicycling magazine on Flipster

For serious and recreational bikers, Bicycling magazine offers helpful and interesting information about the popular sport of biking.

Inside the latest issue, you will find:

  • Tips to rain-proof your bike rides
  • Updates on the sport of pro-cycling
  • Information about the latest bikes and equipment

And check out these inspirational feature articles about

  • Alexandera Houchin – ultra cycling’s underdog with a spiritual hunger for her native Ojibwe culture
  • Mike Cohen and his 1,426-mile bike journey to meet the family who saved his life
  • Shannon Galpin – launched the first women’s cycling team in Afghanistan despite many obstacles
  • Paralympian and bike mechanic Leo Rodgers – an unstoppable biker

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Retirement information on Flipster – easy access with your library card

If you’re thinking about retiring, these Flipster magazines can help you make important decisions about the next chapter in your life.

The latest issue of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance features the best places to retire and offers information about investing and managing your portfolio.

Kiplinger’s Retirement Report includes helpful information about second careers, taxes, health care and recommended cars for older drivers.

And in the June/July issue of Money magazine, you will find articles on what you need to do before you retire and the best way to recession-proof your retirement.

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Sky & Telescope magazine on Flipster

When you look to the skies at night, chances are you can identify the Big Dipper and maybe the North Star, but what about everything else that’s up there?

Sky and Telescope magazine is your essential guide to astronomy and you can read it on Flipster with your library card.

Inside the September issue are articles about the volcanic histories of the inner solar system, how scientists are searching for moons outside our solar system, what’s up in September’s skies, a gallery of breathtaking images and many more articles about the world outside our own.

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Allrecipes magazine on Flipster

Are you in a summer recipe slump? Jazz up your repertoire with new recipes in Allrecipes magazine. Inside the June/July issue are great ideas for:

  • Picnics
  • Berry desserts
  • Grilling
  • Quick dinners
  • Healthy ice pops

And don’t forget to check out the latest feature article on video cooking star Julia Levy.

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Prevention magazine on Flipster

Take a look at the August issue of Prevention magazine on Flipster. Inside you will find articles, exercises, recipes and more to promote healthy living, including:

  • Information about vaccines
  • New thoughts on salt intake
  • Natural benefits of berries
  • Latest on sunscreens
  • Better balance workouts
  • Delicious and healthy recipes

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Harvard Health Letter – helpful and timely health articles

Did you know that we have the Harvard Health Letter on Flipster? This informative newsletter is full of helpful and timely health articles that keep you up to date on important issues.

In July’s issue, you will find COVID-specific articles on video calling to beat loneliness, living room workouts, an ask-the-doctor column as well as special section on learning new things from home.

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Yoga Journal magazine on Flipster

Have you seen the latest issue of Yoga Journal magazine on Flipster? Inside are recipes to boost your immune system and articles about the science of better balance, how to deepen your practice with Mudras and how yoga and meditation can help overcome mental blocks and enhance focus.

Also included is a special feature about authors Elizabeth Gilbert and Jennifer Pastiloff, sharing their ideas for bringing self-care to women who need it most.

Between these pages are a variety of lifestyle tips and recommended yoga positions you can do at home.

It’s easy to read Yoga Journal magazine. Go to and scroll to Flipster to sign in with your library card.

Do It Yourself magazine on Flipster – great ideas for your home!

Now is the perfect time to make your house a haven of comfort and beauty, using your own hands. A great place to start is by getting ideas from Do It Yourself magazine, available on Flipster. The summer issue is full of ways to make that happen.

Inside this “Dream It, Do It” issue are many “how to” ideas. Here are just a few:

  • Store sports equipment and travel gear in underused garage space
  • Sew table linens
  • Use curb appeal tips to brighten the outside view
  • Make unique bookshelves
  • Craft a backyard retreat
  • Create vertical gardens

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What DIY project will you take on?

Backyard Poultry magazine on Flipster

Whether you’re already in the poultry business or want to know more about chickens and eggs, Backyard Poultry is a colorful look at chickens and their  habitats and great source of information for all types of readers.

From show chickens to county affairs, this bi-monthly magazine offers expert advice on keeping your flock healthy, picking out the right rooster, as well as great recipes and feature articles.

In the June/July issue, read about a young entrepreneur’s journey in the poultry business and how organizations are leading young people toward the business.

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