Just added – new magazines on Flipster!

We have more magazines to share with you on Flipster, for all your reading tastes and interests. From new children’s literary and activity magazines to fashion, wellness, bird watching and many special interest periodicals, here’s a quick run-down of what’s new:


Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle

Health and Fitness

Bird Watching

Reading and Writing

Special Interests

Here’s how to get started. Click here to sign in to Flipster with your library card or visit chescolibraries.org, select Downloads and scroll down to Flipster to access these and nearly ninety additional informative, fun and interesting magazines.

And here’s a full list of what we’ve added:

    • Advocate
    • Archaeology
    • Ask
    • Audubon
    • Backyard Poultry
    • Bicycling
    • Bird Watcher’s Digest
    • Butternut
    • Color to stay Alive A Zombie Coloring & Activity Book
    • Consumer Reports Buying Guide
    • Cricket
    • Dogster
    • Dwell
    • Elle
    • Harper’s Bazaar
    • Harvard Health Letter
    • Harvard Women’s Health Watch
    • Health
    • Ladybug
    • Mystery Weekly
    • National Geographic Kids
    • Outside
    • Rachael Ray in Season
    • Ranger Rick
    • Spider
    • Town & Country
    • Under the Radar
    • Writer’s Digest

Which will you read first?

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