GSK Science in the Summer 2021: Engineering!

Be an engineer!  This summer, students all over Chester County will try out 4 different types of engineering: Biomedical, Electrical, Structural, and Environmental.  Those who are chosen to participate in the GSK Science in the Summer program will have the opportunity to:
1- see a unique problem,
2-use some basic tools and strategies to create a solution to the problem,
3- test their solutions to check for success. 
GSK Science in the Summer will provide teaching materials so that each student can learn, design, build, and solve real world problems.  If it sounds challenging, it is! It’s also a rewarding experience for the whole family! 
GSK Science in the Summer offers a way for families to learn, create, and have fun in the process! 
Registration is required. Please register for the lottery by 5:00pm, May 21st.
Families will be notified by June 4th if they are selected to participate. 
Be an Engineer is designed for children ages 7-13, but the whole family can participate!
For more details and dates:
Or visit to find out more and to register your student engineer in the lottery. 

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