2021 GSK Science in the Summer – It’s not too late to participate!

Even if you missed the registration or weren’t selected in the lottery, your family can still participate in the 2021 GSK Science in the Summer program.  This summer, the theme is Be an Engineer!  All activity guides, materials lists, and videos are available online.  Assemble your own materials and have fun being engineers at home!  

Once your family has completed the experiments, don’t forget to sign up to join one or more live virtual event, hosted by educators and scientists from The Franklin Institute!  These meetings will be live interactions where your children can share the results of their research with other program participants. Remember, you should complete the activity at home prior to attending the Live Virtual Event.  Attendees will participate via chat.

All of the “Be an Engineer” information and the links to register for the Live Virtual Events can be found at http://scienceinthesummer.fi.edu/

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