Children’s summer reading fun continues…

Summer 2021 has reached the midpoint. Is your summer reading going well?  We have many ways for you to still enjoy your summer and keep up with your reading.  There’s still time to register online at Readsquared so that you can track your daily reading and earn reading badges.  OR you can visit the library to get the paper version.  We’ve already awarded reading badges to kids who complete just 3 activities per badge.  School reading lists are available too, and we are happy to help you find the books you need for your school’s reading assignments.  Our preschool, K-5, and teen virtual programs have been so much fun already, and there are more to come!  Visit our events calendar to see what’s next and to register.

You can also have fun reading via Bookflix and Trueflix!  Just have a library card ready and click here for BOOKFLIX; or click here for TRUEFLIX. If you are traveling and wish to read on your devices, you can check out an ebook or eaudiobook, which still count towards your summer reading.  Have your library card ready and click here for our overdrive site.

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