3d Printing is Back Online

The Jacobs Technology Center is excited to to announce that we will resume 3d printing all your projects! Our Ultimaker S5 Pro is up and running and ready for your requests. If you’d like a 3d item to be printed, please fill out this form.

If you’re new to 3d printing, you can download 3d object files from Thingiverse, or try creating your own with TinkerCAD. Our printer also uses fully dissolvable supports. If your object is intricate and requires support, simply leave it soaking in water overnight and the PVA support material will melt away.

Currently, we only have black, white and red PLA materials available, but we will be expanding that selection over time. We charge on a tiered system based on how much material your object uses: anything up to 10g costs $3, and each additional 10g tier is just another 50¢. Once your object is finished, we will contact you and set up a time for curbside pickup. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at ccljtc@ccls.org.

DIY Animal Crossing Amiibo

Has Animal Crossing pulled you into its magical word of crafting, creation, and imagination? Have you gotten all of your favorite villagers? Chances are that you may still be looking for that special villager out of the 393 available. With the help of Amiibos, you can immediately call a chosen Amiibo to your island campsite for recruitment (and maybe finally get rid of that one annoying island villager). However, with the current state of the world and due to the popularity of Animal Crossing Amiibos, it’s currently very hard to obtain one. Follow this guide to learn how to DIY your own Amiibo for Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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Tinkering at Home!

Looking for coding, gadgetry, and other STEM activities to do at home? These organizations have you covered!

First, follow along with the Girls Who Code and make binary bracelets, Scratch stories, and digital tutorials. They’ll be updating with new activities regularly, so stay tuned.

Next, check out Make Magazine’s Makercamp! They have a great catalog of projects to follow along with, from low tech papercraft automata to a fully functional Makey Makey Operation board game.

Finally, check out these Khan Academy schedules to add a bit of structure to your day! They have lessons on everything, from Math to Biology to Reading Comprehension.